Why Is My Hair Suddenly Dry?

While your hair can gradually lose natural moisture over time because of aging, sudden dryness has other causes. Dry hair lacks the shine and silkiness of healthy hair, and you may notice more split ends and breakage. Identify the cause of suddenly dry hair so you can get to restoring moisture to your tresses.

Hair Treatments

How you treat and style your hair can strip your tresses of moisture, resulting in dry hair. If you've recently used chemicals on your locks, you might notice they are drier than usual. Coloring, perming or professionally straightening your hair involves chemicals that can strip your hair of moisture. Combine those chemical treatments with heat-styling products -- another moisture zapper -- and dried-out hair may be the result.

Harsh Products

Harsh hair-care products can also affect your hair's moisture content. Evaluate your hair-care routine, and note any new products you've recently started using. If those products contain harsh soaps or alcohol, they might be the reason for your drier-than-usual tresses.

Environmental Factors

Dry air may be the culprit when you notice a sudden onset of dry hair. If the weather has shifted and humidity levels have dropped, you might notice less moisture in your hair. Excessive exposure to the sun or harsh winds can also result in dry, damaged hair.