Harmful Effects of Conditioner

Conditioner moisturizes your hair and keeps it healthy, however, as with any good thing, it also has its drawbacks. While conditioning is an essential part of your beauty routine, some conditioners can actually create problems for your hair 2. Don't throw out your conditioner just yet -- the key to healthy hair is knowing how to condition your tresses properly, so they stay hydrated and beautiful.

No Protection

If even after conditioning, your hair feels dry or frizzes easily, switch your conditioner. A study done by Ohio State University professor Bharat Buhshan concluded that some conditioners don’t react chemically with your strands to nourish and protect them. Without this chemical bonding, your hair isn't getting the moisture it needs. You’re also missing out on the protection from heat and humidity that well-hydrated hair naturally provides.

Harmful Chemical

Some conditioners contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is a foaming agent found in many hair and skin products 2. Sodium laureth sulfate can cause dryness in certain hair types. It can also cause allergic skin reactions. If your scalp or skin feels irritated after shampooing and conditioning, check your label for ingredients and try conditioners and shampoos that are free of sulfates.

Limp Hair

While hydrated strands are ideal, it is possible to over-condition your hair in the quest to get them. Hair can be over-conditioned simply by being conditioned too often or by being conditioned with products that are too strong for your hair type 1. Over-conditioned hair generally feels limp, lifeless and will have a soft and mushy consistency when wet 1. Hair that's over conditioned is more fragile and more susceptible to breakage 1. If your hair feels too conditioned, a shampoo and rinse should fix it. Also, switch to a lighter conditioner that will leave your hair moisturized without weighing it down.

Extreme Cases

In extreme cases of over-conditioning, a simple shampoo may not be enough. If your over-conditioning has resulted in an increased deposit on your strands of emollients like silicone, scrub baking soda onto your mane to restore it. Once your hair is clean, apply a protein treatment which will help to strengthen your over-conditioned tresses 1.