How to Make a Roomy Slingback Fit Better

Maybe you lost a little weight. Or perhaps your shoes got stretched out. It is even possible that you found the perfect shoes in an imperfect size because they were just too cute to pass up. Whatever the reason, there is no feeling quite like the frustration of owning a beautiful pair of slingbacks that are just a little too roomy to wear. Fortunately, there are several easy tricks to craft snug slingbacks so you can enjoy wearing them as much as you do looking at them.

Place a ball of foot cushion in the shoe. This will take up some of the extra space in the shoe and make it fit better while providing some extra cushioning. Choose a cushion that is covered with a plush fabric rather than a plastic or vinyl one -- these make your feet sweat more and encourage your toes to slide forward in the shoe. If the ball cushion is not enough, slide a full insole or liner into the shoe, trimming it as needed to fit inside the shoe without sticking out 2.

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Apply double-sided fashion tape to the slingback strap to help keep it in place on your heel so you don’t walk out of the shoes.

Wear slingback liners with closed-toe shoes. The fabric on the toe end of the liners will stop your toes from rubbing themselves raw against the side of the shoe, while the clear heel strap keeps the liner firmly but discreetly in place.

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Punch a new hole in the slingback’s strap. Put the shoe on, pull the strap as tight as you need it to be, mark the inside of the strap with a pen where the buckle will need to go and punch a new hole with a revolving leather hole punch. A leather punch is worth the investment, as it can be much less expensive than a new pair of shoes and may be used on other shoes as well as belts and purses. Unfortunately, this trick only works on leather slingbacks with a buckle on the strap.

Consider having a professional cobbler lower the heels a bit. The lower the heel of the shoe, the less likely your foot is to slide down into the extra room in the toe of the shoe, allowing your heel to slip completely out of the back of the shoe.


Avoid wearing slippery hosiery with roomy slingbacks.