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How to Use Moleskin for Blisters

By Gwendolen Akard ; Updated July 27, 2017

Moleskin is a product used by hikers, runners and walkers all over the world. It is soft and cloth-like on one side and adhesive on the other. It is useful for blisters that have not formed, are already formed or have popped open.


  1. Use moleskin to prevent a blister that has already formed from getting worse or popping open before you can treat it properly.

  2. Cut a piece of moleskin roughly the size of the area.

  3. Fold the moleskin in half. Cut a hole in the moleskin that is about the size of the blister. Unfold the moleskin, and place it over the blister, with the blister through the hole. This cushions the blister but does not cover it.

Irritated Patches

  1. Use moleskin on a place where you can feel that you will soon have a blister. It will prevent the blister from fully forming.

  2. Cut a piece the size of the affected area, and place it firmly on your skin.

  3. Apply multiple layers of moleskin to the area to prevent chafing. Use enough so that your foot will not rub against your shoe.

  4. Cut a piece of athletic tape long enough to wrap around your foot.

  5. Secure the moleskin with the athletic tape. The adhesive on moleskin is not great, and it may peel off if you do not do this.

Open Blisters

  1. Use moleskin on a blister that has already opened. This will protect the blister and allow you to keep walking without infecting the open wound.

  2. Clean the area if you can, using water or antiseptic wipes.

  3. Cover the area with clean gauze. Cut the gauze down to size, as extra gauze may chafe.

  4. Cut a piece of moleskin that will cover the entire blister and gauze pad. Apply it to the foot.

  5. Secure the moleskin and gauze with athletic tape. The gauze prevents the adhesive from rubbing against an open wound.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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