When an individual has a condition called foot drop—also called drop foot—his foot slaps against the surface on which he walks. Foot drop is a physical condition that results in a specific way of walking, which includes slapping the feet against the ground.

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Drop Foot

A person with foot drop cannot lift her foot as the result of little or no muscle activity around the ankle. This condition may occur, for example, after confinement to bed for a long period of time. Foot drop may also be a symptom of multiple sclerosis, a severed nerve or cerebral palsy, or it may follow a stroke.

Toe Involvement in Foot Drop

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An individual with foot drop may drag his toe along the ground as he swings his leg and foot forward when walking, according to Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1.

Running and Foot Slaps

Foot slaps may occur when running if you are not running properly, notes Chirunning.com. If the runner is coming down too hard on a heel, this causes the remainder of the foot to slap down on the pavement, which makes the feet burn and bruises the metatarsal heads.

Prosthesis and Foot Slap

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Mercksource.com explains that foot slap is a walking pattern, or gait, that frequently occurs when a person has a foot prosthesis that lands flatly, slapping the ground and making a loud noise.