Calories in a Torta

“Torta” is a Spanish word that translates literally to “cake,” although a torta can be anything from a flatbread to a wedding cake to a sandwich, depending on the region in which it’s found. In Mexico, a torta commonly refers to a type of sandwich that’s similar to a pannini, and it may feature meat, veggies, eggs or other ingredients.

Calories and Components

The main event in a typical torta is the meat, which is usually beef, chicken or chorizo. Along with veggies, such as tomatoes, onions, avocados and peppers, the meat is stuffed into a soft white roll, which has about 220 calories. Depending on the fillings you choose, the calorie count of a torta can vary widely.

Restaurant Tortas

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Roberto’s Mexican Food, a California-based taco shop and Mexican eatery, offers tortas in several flavors, filled with beef, chicken or chorizo. The shredded beef torta is the lightest, with about 375 calories in a serving of 315 grams. The version with the most calories is the chorizo, which packs more than 775 calories into a 375-gram serving.