Calories in Prosciutto Ham

Prosciutto, a delicate, dry-cured ham imported from Italy, is often served cut into thin slices. The curing process means that it does not need to be cooked before being eaten.


One oz. of prosciutto ham, about two slices, contains 70 calories, with half coming from protein and half from fat. Each serving contains 8 g of protein, 25 percent more than a whole egg, and 5 g of fat, about half the fat of an egg.


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Learn More recommends keeping your saturated fat intake below 15 g per day. A two-serving snack of prosciutto contains 10 percent of your daily saturated fat limit, less than 2 g, making it a reasonable option as part of a healthy diet.


Prosciutto contains very little carbohydrate, about 1 g per ounce, making it a sensible choice for low-carb dieters.