Regular Jell-O gelatin or pudding might contain as much as 19 grams of sugar per serving 1. If you're diabetic, that can push traditional Jell-O desserts out of your dietary plan 1. However, sugar-free Jell-O products that contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame feature no sugar or carbohydrates in each serving 1. Use these products as the basis for easy desserts that won't sabotage your blood sugar level.

Get Creative With Parfaits

Parfaits, desserts that feature different layers of ingredients served from individual glasses or dishes, are an easily customizable way to use sugar-free Jell-O in a diabetic-friendly dessert 1. A basic parfait might consist of nothing more than prepared sugar-free Jell-O cooled to room temperature, then mixed with your choice of chopped fruit, nuts or a combination, spooned into serving glasses and chilled until set 1. For an elaborate dessert, layer premade Jell-O pudding or gelatin -- one type or several -- with fruit, low-fat whipped topping and low-carb cookie crumbles or cake slices 1.

Dessert Salad With a High-Fiber Twist

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A typical molded gelatin salad recipe can pack in nearly 30 grams of sugar per serving 4. For one that supplies extra nutrients with as little as 6 grams of carbohydrates in each 1/2-cup serving, the University of Illinois Extension advises diabetics to use sugar-free gelatin -- choose your favorite Jell-O flavor -- along with canned or chopped fresh fruit, shredded vegetables such as carrots or cabbage and slivered nuts 13. If you prefer a more traditional dessert salad, skip the vegetables, include more fruit and fold in low-fat whipped topping. Use heated unsweetened applesauce instead of water for additional flavor.

Give Pie a Try

Any flavor of sugar-free Jell-O pudding or gelatin can be prepared, poured into a regular or graham cracker crust and refrigerated until set 1. Stir in sliced fresh fruit like strawberries or mix reduced-fat cream cheese or nonfat whipped topping into gelatin before using it to fill the pie crust. You can substitute the water called for on the Jell-O package with another liquid such as diet lemon-lime soda or skip the crust completely and put the filling directly into a pie plate greased with nonstick cooking spray for fewer carbohydrates 1.

Use Jell-O on Cake

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"Diabetic Gourmet" magazine suggests baking your favorite type of cake, allowing it to cool, then poking holes all over the cake's surface with a fork or toothpick and pouring prepared liquid Jell-O gelatin onto the cake 18. Refrigerate it until the gelatin is set, then ice the cake with a low-sugar topping such as a frosting made from yogurt mixed with nonfat whipped topping or sugar-free Jell-O pudding combined with whipped topping 1. Experiment with different cake and Jell-O combinations, such as white or lemon cake with lemon gelatin or angel food cake with orange gelatin and vanilla pudding, garnished with fresh orange segments 1.