How to Create Your Own Diet Similar to Medifast

Medifast is a liquid dieting plan that revolves around consumption of a combination of a number of high-protein, low-carb shakes throughout the day coupled with one solid food meal at night. According to information from the website, Medifast has been generally accepted by the medical community as a proven method for losing weight effectively and safely. Although effective, Medifast might be too expensive or cumbersome for some. Fortunately, designing your own Medifast-like plan is relatively simple.

Focus your Medifast-clone plan around consumption of four to five protein shakes per day with the addition of one solid and healthy meal at night. Purchase a high-quality casein protein powder in a flavor of your choice. Choose casein instead of whey protein because casein is slower-digesting and will help you to feel full longer while on the diet.

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Consume a blended protein shake every three to four hours during the day. Each shake should be mixed in water or milk (your preference), containing one or two scoops of protein powder, a half cup of berries (rotate the type of berry you use with each shake) and either a small splash of olive oil or a single tablespoon of natural peanut butter (to provide your body with healthy fat).

Consume a solid food meal every evening for dinner. This meal should contain nothing beyond a lean protein source (low-fat meat, poultry, seafood or eggs) and green, fibrous vegetables. The additional fiber content will help to keep you regular while on a liquid diet. Good vegetables to use for this purpose include cucumbers, lettuce, spinach and broccoli.


Monitor your weight loss by weighing yourself at the end of every week. Aim to lose one to two pounds per week. If you are losing weight too slowly (or too quickly), adjust your caloric intake by either altering the amount of protein powder you are using in each shake or altering the amount of olive oil or peanut butter you are mixing in.