How to Use Lean Cuisine in Place of NutriSystem

NutriSystem is a popular weight loss option for people who want to lose weight without having to cook and plan meals, but it can get expensive, especially with shipping costs. Substituting Lean Cuisine meals costs less, is just as effective and provides more flexibility and options to complement your weight loss plan.

Before beginning any weight loss or exercise plan, check with a doctor or specialist. Also, be sure that you have the dedication and motivation to stick to a weight loss plan before committing time and money to it.

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Determine your body mass index using your current weight and height. Use your current BMI to determine how much weight you want to lose to set a goal weight within a healthy BMI for your gender, age and height.

Understand that NutriSystem combines calorie counting with detailed meal planning that maximizes choosing healthy and filling foods that stabilize blood sugar levels between meals, resulting in reduced cravings. The program does this through small, frequent meals made up of good or complex carbs instead of bad or simple carbs.

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If you want to follow NutriSystem's method of good and bad carbs, you will need to search for Lean Cuisine meals that are high in fiber and contain whole grains. Lean Cuisine offers a line of Spa Cuisine products that are made with whole grains and more vegetables. The Spa Cuisine's calorie content also closely aligns with NutriSystem's calorie content.

If you do not wish to follow the good and bad carb method, look for Lean Cuisine meals with calories that are under 300 each. Although eating meals with higher values will still help you lose weight, weight loss will happen at a slower rate. Healthy frozen breakfasts or whole grain cereal may be used for breakfast.

Add in three to four snacks that are 100 calories or less, striving for either a fruit, vegetable or protein serving instead of empty calories. Also eat a fruit, vegetable or lean protein serving with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Weigh yourself once a week and keep a record of your weight each week. If you reach a plateau, get back to the basics to be sure that you are following the plan precisely. Try incorporating exercise into your life for added health benefits and longer-lasting weight loss.