Weight Loss Camps in Illinois

Weight-loss camps have blossomed into a lucrative industry with various types of programs available in Illinois. Some boot camps are meant for busy adults that may only have a few hours a week to devote toward fitness goals. Other facilities encourage the whole family to spend their weight-loss vacation together, attending exercise classes by day and enjoying nutritious meals and spa amenities in the evening.

Women's Day Camps

Women interested in weight-loss day camps have a few options from which to choose. In central Illinois, Bloomington-Normal Adventure Boot Camp offers a program in the morning or evening for about one hour three times per week 1. More metropolitan-minded women can try the Chicago Women's Fitness Club's Bootcamp for Busy Women 2. Programs are tailored for individual fitness levels and weight-loss goals 4. Customized nutritional plans are offered in addition to weekly fitness sessions at their indoor exercise facility.

Weight Loss and Spa

Heartland Spa Weight Loss and Fitness Resort is centrally located in Gilman, Illinois 4. Geared mostly toward women who are looking for a holistic approach to weight loss, the Heartland spa offers a variety of services and amenities 4. In order to stress the need to "destress" the Heartland spa is technology-free and does not offer television or in-room telephones. All-inclusive rates are available for one-night, weekend, five-day or seven-night packages. Groups, partners and children over 16 are welcome.

Families with Teenagers

The Biggest Loser Resort Chicago Fitness Center is a luxurious fitness option the whole family can enjoy 3. Teens aged 14 to 17 are welcome to join their parents in daily health and fitness regimes. Each day at the resort revolves around exercise, educational programs, nutritional planning and circuit training. At night, families can enjoy high-quality nutritional meals, followed by indulging in the resort's spa amenities, unwinding at the swimming pool or bowling alley. This Chicago area camp also encourages the use of their large outdoor space with nature trails, quaint lakes and golf course.

Family Day Options

For a lower-cost weight-loss option the whole family can enjoy, look no further than your local YMCA. The McGaw YMCA, located in Evanston, Illinois, offers a specific weight-loss program called "Move It to Lose It." This program emphasizes lifestyle changes and specifically measures participants ahead of time to raise awareness of personal shortcomings. Sessions are held in a group setting to keep up accountability, in addition to personalized fitness training. The YMCA offers multiple options for children of all ages, including camps, gym time and outdoor activities that emphasize recreation and health. Children in grades five to eight are also encouraged to utilize the adult fitness center after completing a youth orientation program focusing on safety.