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How to Do a Natural Kidney Cleanse

By Timothy Banas ; Updated August 14, 2017

Your kidneys filter toxins, waste and other impurities from your blood. Like all filters, your kidneys can become choked with a buildup of particulates over time. This can lead to conditions like kidney stones and nephritis. To cleanse your kidneys, you should consume lots of water and cranberry extract or natural, unsweetened cranberry juice daily, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. You can support kidney function and improve the cleansing effect of the cranberry juice with other natural herbs, such as green tea and milk thistle.

Drink 6 to 8 cups of water per day. This will ensure that your blood volume stays high and the active ingredients in your kidney cleanse are rapidly delivered to your kidneys.

Drink 1 to 2 cups of unsweetened cranberry juice per day.

Support your kidneys further with green tea and milk thistle. Consume 250 to 500 mg of green tea extract daily, or make tea from the leaf itself. You can make the tea by letting the leaves steep in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Consume 80 to 160 mg of milk thistle extract two or three times per day. Or make a tea from milk thistle by crushing 1 tbsp. of seeds and letting them steep for 20 minutes.

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