What Is an HCG 5000 Injection Used For?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (Hcg) is a hormone naturally secreted in a woman as an indication of pregnancy and continues to maintain pregnancy. Exogenous Hcg injections are used in weight loss and infertility.

Weight Loss

Hcg has been linked to weight loss, specifically Hcg has fat burning properties. The safety of using 5,000 international units (iUs) Hcg injections has yet to be determined by research (as of November 2010). Hcg shots, along with a low-calorie diet, claim to be an effective weight loss regimen. It is best to consult a physician before trying exogenous Hcg shots.


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Several options for women suffering from infertility are available today. Ongoing research is being conducted on Hcg injections for women who are infertile. 5000 Hcg injections have been shown to induce ovulation in females. Dosing of the injections are determined by licensed physicians.

Side Effects

Hcg injections used for infertility have been proven to be effective for the treatment of infertility. However, there is no scientific proof that Hcg is effective in weight loss. Side effects of Hcg injections include headache, mood swings and blood clots. Consulting a doctor is best before considering Hcg injections.