What Is Cardispan?

Cardispan is a prescription medicine intended to assist people with weight loss. It is manufactured solely in Mexico and available in various Latin American nations (including Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua). Since it is unavailable in the United States, it does not have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Cardispan can be administered via injection or taken as chewable tablets.


L-carnitine, the primary active component of Cardispan, is a kind of amino acid that occurs naturally within the body. It can be attained naturally by eating foods, such as meat, that are derived from animals. L-carnitine is capable of being synthesized by the kidneys and liver from certain amino acids.


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Cardispan is intended to help people lose weight due to its functions with lipid metabolism. It is also used as a dietary supplement that can assist people with stamina, endurance and strength for high-performance athletics. Bodybuilders use Cardispan to assist with gaining energy, and people suffering from deficiencies of carnitine also can use it.

Weight Loss

One of the main purposes of using Cardispan is to lose weight, as it is intended to pick out exact spots of the body that have extra fat, specifically the hips, stomach and thighs. Cardispan is recommended to be taken as an injection.


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There are some drawbacks to using Cardispan. Most importantly, this medication is manufactured in Mexico and therefore very hard to acquire in the United States and elsewhere (especially outside of Central America). Because it does not have FDA approval there is very limited information on Cardispan's safety, effectiveness and potential side effects. Also, apart from the ingredient L-carnitine, there is no available information on its exact formula.


Although the injected version of Cardispan seems to be more popular than the chewable tablets, people can purchase the latter for a weekly supply for approximately $30 (this does not generally include the price of shipping). It can be ordered through websites such as eCrater.com (Americans can order with this website).