What Are the Benefits of Citrimax?

CitriMax, officially known as Super CitriMax Plus, is a dietary supplement patented by California-based company InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc. that is mainly used for weight loss. The focus is on burning fat in areas of the body that are hard to slim down, such as the abdomen and buttocks. CitriMax contains three ingredients that work together.

Hydroxycitric acid

The most well-known ingredient of CitriMax is hydroxycitric acid, a citric acid derivative that is extracted from the garcinia cambogia tree. It can also be extracted from the hibiscus plant. The garcinia cambogia extract is supposed to redirect calories to increase the amount and storage of glycogen. The function is supposed to increase long-term energy and boost appetite.

Chromium Polynicotinate

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Chromium polynicotinate, an ionic substance commonly used in dietary supplements, is added in CitriMax to enhance HCA's effectiveness. It is meant to accomplish that by suppressing the synthesis of new fat from carbohydrates, as well as contribute to burning stored fat. Additionally, other dietary supplement manufacturers have used chromium for products aimed at people with diabetes with the belief that it can promote a healthy glucose metabolism, or the body's ability to turn sugar into energy.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Extract from the gymnema sylvestre tree, which is native to the tropical forests of India, is also used for glucose metabolism. Gymnema sylvestre has been used to treat diabetes since around the first century A.D. The extract is also used for supporting a healthy fatty acid metabolism, particularly the processing of lipids and triglycerides.

Dosage, Side Effects and Reception

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Hypoallergenic supplements manufacturer Pure Encapsulations, one of the companies that makes and distributes Super CitriMax Plus, as of September 2011, recommends three capsules three times a day, to be taken about 30 to 60 minutes before meals. There are no reported side effects of the supplement, as of 2011. However, Diet Spotlight notes the lack of certain pertinent information about CitriMax at the InterHealth website, such as a product ingredient list, discussion of the combination of the supplement with a workout regimen and healthy diet, and pricing.