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How to Set My Omron Pedometer

By Joe Fletcher

Omron is a well-known name in pedometers. Setting up your pedometer correctly will allow you to take advantage of this helpful fitness tool, measuring your steps, distance traveled and calories burned. Take the time to enter in all the proper data and get the pedometer ready for that first walk.

Step 1

Measure the length of your stride. Prior to walking, mark off your start point at the tip of your lead toe. Then walk 10 steps and mark your finish point at the toe of your 10th step. Measure the distance with a tape measure (in inches) and divide by 10 to get your stride length.

Step 2

Install the battery. Use a small screwdriver to remove the battery lid on back and place the CR 2032 battery inside with the positive end facing up. Put the battery lid back on and screw it in place. Flip the pedometer over and the hours should be flashing, prepared to be set.

Step 3

Set the time. Toggle through hours using the "Memo" button. When you reach the correct hour, hit the "Set" button to select it. The minutes will then flash. Set the minutes in the same manner. You can also hold down the "Memo" function to toggle by 10-minute increments.

Step 4

Set weight. After you press "Set" to finish setting the time, the unit will begin flashing the weight setting. You can set weight within the 70 to 300-pound range. Hold the "Memo" button down to jump by 10 pounds or press it once to increase by one pound. Press down the "Mode/Event" button to return back to the starting point of 88 pounds. Hit "Set" when you've reached your weight.

Step 5

Set your stride. After you've hit "Set" for the weight reading, stride length will begin flashing. Use the stride length measured in inches you determined in Step 1. Like other settings, press the "Memo" button to increase by 1 inch. Hold it to increase by 4 inches. The range is from one to four feet. Press "Set" when it's complete. It will read X' Y" to denote the feet and inches of your stride. After you hit the set button, you should see the number of steps on top and time on the bottom. Your pedometer is now set up for use.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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