What Other Products Are Similar to AdvoCare?

Nutritional supplements are manufactured worldwide by companies like AdvoCare that tout a stringent scientific approach to formulating products for a variety of purposes -- from vitamin and exercise supplementation to intestinal cleansing and weight loss 1. If you're looking for an alternative to AdvoCare for your particular needs, dozens of companies have lined up to take your business.


Since 1993, AdvoCare has built a reputation for safety and effectiveness in the nutritional supplement industry, complete with its own Scientific & Medical Advisory Board. Another company with a similar approach is USANA, which employs scientific advisers and staff members to manufacture products for athletes, dieters or health-conscious customers looking for safe and reliable supplements 1.


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PureNSM, in business for as long as USANA, promotes supplements of varying purposes that utilize the freshest raw materials, whether they're extracted vitamins, minerals, herbs or chemical compounds such as amino acids for protein powders 1. PureNSM also highlights its use of simple-to-read and understand labeling for easy monitoring of nutrient levels. As with the subsequent manufacturers, PureNSM follows the Food and Drug Administration's "Current Good Manufacturing Practice."


Atlas makes a wide range of products under its own moniker and those of other companies running retail outlets or supplement stores. From individual minerals and vitamins to acne treatments, protein powders and sexual or IQ enhancers, the company employs staff biologists and chemists to perform testing on volunteers before a new product hits the market. Two Ph.D.s with decades of experience in exercise and nutritional physiology run the company.

Vitakem or 7 Day Health

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Many companies, such as Atlas, 7 Day Health and Vitakem, manufacture nutritional supplements for other companies to sell 1. Called contract manufacturing, these companies attempt to personalize the products they produce for sale by other companies, even providing packaging, bottling and labeling services. If you want to know who really makes the supplements you're consuming, contact the company whose name is on the bottle and ask who actually made the product.