Facts About Vitamin Shoppe Brands

Vitamin Shoppe is a nutritional product direct retailer 1. It started in 1977 as a single store and has since grown to more than 400 retail locations with an online store. Vitamin Shoppe offers more than 400 name brands, but also offers its own health product line simply called the Vitamin Shoppe brand 1.


Vitamin Shoppe offers branded health supplement products similar or identical in composition to brand name health supplements 1. While Vitamin Shoppe does not specify which of its products are similar to name brand formulas, if you compare the labels, you can identify similar products 1. Vitamin Shoppe also claims its branded products sell for up to 50 percent less than name brand products 1.

Product Types

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Vitamin Shoppe sells hundreds of products under its brand 1. Vitamin Shoppe also offers supplements such as psyllium husks, omega-3 fish oil, enzymes and super foods, including juices and green-food concentrates 1.


Vitamin Shoppe supplements primarily contain pure concentrates, extracts and vitamins 1.

Form & Strength

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They are also available in a variety of strengths -- as low as 3 MG to as much as 1000 MG -- and sizes. Powdered and liquid products vary in the amount of ounces offered based on the product. Most pills come in 90 to 300 size bottles.

Verifying Quality

The majority of Vitamin Shoppe brand products are made in the United States with a few made in Canada 1. These products undergo a testing procedure to ensure quality and purity. Vitamin Shoppe provides reports of all the scientific testing conducted on their brand products 1. To request a copy of these reports, contact Vitamin Shoppe at 866-293-3367 1.