The Lucozade Diet

Lucozade is a brand name for nutrition products, supplements and sports drinks put out by the GlaxoSmithKline company in the United Kingdom. The company is best known for its protein fitness drinks, but it also sells hydration gel packs, stimulants, protein powder and snack bars. Lucozade products aren’t intended as weight-loss aids, but they may be able to help to enhance health and fitness as part of an overall balanced diet.


According to the Lucozade online shop, the company sells products intended to aid athletes with staying hydrated, maintaining fuel for activity, improving focus, assisting with recovery and helping to build strength. All together, the Lucozade products are formulated to help athletes give their best performances and reach their full potential in a safe, healthy way.


The official Lucozade website states that its sports nutrition products have been developed according to the needs of elite athletes and that the products are based on “academic and applied ‘key opinion leaders’” in the fields of physical science and sports nutrition. As a result, Lucozade claims that all of its products have been proved to enhance performance results. The company also notes that an independent laboratory tests all of its products before they hit the market to verify them for safety purposes.

Product Types

For hydration, Lucozade offers sports drinks and “powder stick packs” to mix with water and replace sodium. Fueling products include bottled drinks, a powdered drink mix, powder stick packs, jelly beans, an energy bar, energy tablets and energy gel. The “focus” powders and drinks contain caffeine to improve athletes’ performance and concentration. Recovery products include drink powders, a powder stick pack and an energy bar. Finally, “strength” items include protein powder, protein shakes and protein bars.

Nutrition Facts

The nutritional information for Lucozade’s products varies according to specific type and ingredients. Most 500 mL servings of the brand’s sports drinks have about 140 calories, 30 g carbohydrates, 17 g sugar and no fat, sodium, fiber or protein. Each energy bar has about 350 calories, 30 g protein, 40 g carbohydrates, 18 g sugar, 7 g fat and 5 g fiber. Lucozade’s protein powder has about 250 calories, 40 g carbohydrates and 24 g protein.


Lucozade’s products may be appropriate for very active people and athletes who need to meet specialized, medically sanctioned nutritional recommendations. However, people with only moderate physical activity levels may not need Lucozade products to fulfill proper nutrition and may take in excess amounts of certain nutrients by consuming the products. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s advisable to speak with your physician instead of using Lucozade items as part of a weight-loss diet; the National Institutes of Health states that the only safe and reliable way to lose weight is through balanced, low-calorie eating and regular exercise.