What Is GoYin?

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GoYin is one of many herbal and nutritional formulas made and sold by Genesis PURE, headquartered in Draper, Utah. Based on the principles of Traditional Asian Medicine, GoYin is a liquid supplement that purportedly contains superfruits and herbs that restore balance to your body. However, information on the manufacturer's website fails to explain how the ingredients in GoYin yield specific health benefits.

GoYin Developer

GoYin is one of four liquid supplements in the "Core Four" Genesis PURE product line, the others being Genesis PURE Liquid Cleanse, Genesis PURE Nutrition and Genesis PURE Cell Water. According to the manufacturer's marketing material, "Go" means "abundance" in Chinese; "yin" means "nutrition" and "wealth." In addition to GoYin and the Core Four liquid formulas, Genesis PURE also sells superfruit beverages, energy drinks, supplements for weight loss and better physical performance, skin care products and other miscellaneous liquid supplements.

Marketing Claims

The key marketing term used to promote GoYin is "balance," although it's unclear how the product specifically functions to achieve this goal. According to the manufacturer's website, GoYin supports energy, puts you in a better mood, provides antioxidants, and decreases depression, stress and fatigue. Genesis PURE relies on numerous personal testimonies to market GoYin. A professional athlete suffering from jet lag drank GoYin and claimed to have the "best practice of (my) entire season" a mere two days later. A 45-year-old painter claimed that taking GoYin gave her the energy level she had in her 20s. While waxing poetic about GoYin, a personal trainer states, "You feel good; you feel happy; you feel peace."


According to the product's Nutrition Facts label, GoYin contains the manufacturer's proprietary blend made up of astragalus root, goji berry, jujube date, hawthorn berry, mangosteen, lychee, tangerine peel and ginger root, among many other natural ingredients. GoYin also contains almost 12 mcg vitamin B12, or 200 percent of your Daily Value, but it supplies scant or absent amounts of other essential nutrients.

Other Information

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 or 2 oz. of GoYin twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In December 2010, a 750 ml bottle – roughly 25 oz. – of GoYin cost around $43, excluding shipping charges. GoYin can be purchased through the Genesis PURE website. However, GoYin and other Genesis PURE products are also sold by numerous multi-level marketers who create Internet sites to sell the products.

Cautions and Considerations

Many of the online superfruit beverages you see advertised online are simply ways for marketers to make money, cautions the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which regards "superfruits" as being of no special nutritional value compared to others. It's not uncommon to pay $35 or $40 a bottle for these miracle elixirs. However, the CSPI and Federal Trade Commission offer advice when purchasing health-related products online. Disregard personal endorsements, product reviews and most blogs about the product, and be wary of vendors that offer a "money-back guarantee." Finally, approach "cure all" products with suspicion, especially if they purport to address a variety of health problems or use terminology that's nonspecific or difficult to understand.