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Olive Oil & Lemon Flush for Weight Loss

A one-day olive oil and lemon flush promotes a healthy digestive tract and weight loss. After the flush, you can incorporate these same essential ingredients in your day-to-day life to keep the digestive tract clean. This can lead to permanent weight loss and a healthier heart.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is high in monosaturated fat 1. This is a good fat compared with saturated fat and can lead to weight loss and healthier digestion. According to the Food and Drug Administration, monosaturated fat is heart healthy and low in cholesterol. It is also more satisfying than saturated fats, such as butter, which can help you eat less. This is one of the main ways olive oil promotes weight loss when included in a healthy diet 1. This healthy oil can also reduce the level of insulin in the body and allow cells to release more fat which can then be eliminated. Use organic, 100 percent extra virgin and unrefined olive oil because it is pure and contains all of the healthy properties 1.


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Lemon is an acidic citrus fruit. It has antibacterial properties and aids in digestion. It is a key ingredient in many liver and digestive-tract flushes. The acidic enzymes in lemons trigger digestion. Put a dab of lemon juice on the tongue, or lick a lemon. This increased salivation is a signal that digestive juices are being activated. The antibacterial agents cleanse the digestive tract. Lemons are also high in vitamin C. Vitamin C in the body’s cells fights the accumulation of excess fat, so lemon is helpful in promoting weight loss.

  • Lemon is an acidic citrus fruit.
  • It has antibacterial properties and aids in digestion.


The olive oil and lemon flush is designed to clean the liver and digestive system and encourage weight loss 1. You will need quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil and one fresh lemon 1. Throughout the day eat only raw fruits and vegetables and drink ample amounts of water (ideally about 10 cups). An hour before bed, squeeze the fresh lemon to yield about two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix lemon juice with a quarter cup of olive oil and drink the mixture 1. After the flush, resume normal healthy eating. Take 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice nightly for continued health benefits 1.