Drinking Lemon Water With Fish Oil Pills

Fact Checked

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Both lemon juice and fish oil provide the body with numerous minerals and health benefits that strengthen the heart and kidneys and cardiovascular and other systems. Although some websites espouse the benefits of drinking lemon water and taking fish oil pills together to lose weight, there is no scientific evidence that this works to increase weight loss or burn fat. However, both lemon water and fish oil are highly beneficial for good health and help strengthen the body in similar ways, although they are not dependent on each other for their benefits.

Weight Loss

Accomplishing effective weight loss involves eating less and exercising more. Including lemon water in the diet may help remove excess bodily fluids that result from eating foods that cause fluid retention. Eliminating fast foods and junk food snacks high in salt will not only help with weight loss but also allow your body to release excess fluids stored in the tissues. Drinking lemon water in the morning before breakfast stimulates the urinary tract, acting as a cleanse. The juice is most effective when mixed with warm water and consumed before breakfast. Lemon juice is a natural diuretic and acts gently on the body without causing excess reduction in fluids.


Lemon is high in potassium and magnesium, two minerals necessary for good kidney and heart health. Drinking lemon water daily adds potassium to the system and helps balance the body's pH, according to nutritionist, Dr. Theodore Baroody in "Alkalize or Die." Minerals like potassium and magnesium found in lemon water strengthen the kidneys and help to lower blood pressure, says Baroody. Drinking lemon water is also helpful in the prevention of kidney stones, according to Dr. Robert Sur of the University of California San Diego Health System.


Fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids and helps reduce inflammation throughout the body. In the recommended amounts, fish oil may lower triglyceride levels by 20 to 50 percent, according to MedlinePlus website. The website also notes that regular supplementation with fish oil strengthens the cardiovascular system, preventing strokes and heart attacks. Other health benefits attributed to consuming fish oil are numerous and include relief of rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual pains, artherosclerosis, psychosis, age-related macular degeneration and more.

Related Health Benefits

Fish oil has been shown to help reduce blood pressure due to the ability of omega-3 fatty acids to expand blood vessels. Additionally, long-term use of fish oil slows the loss of kidney function and reduces proteins found in the urine, which are the result of kidney disease related to diabetes. Certain types of fish oil may decrease body fat and help individuals lose weight when exercise is included in the daily routine. Both fish oil and lemon juice work individually on the same bodily systems and can be mutually beneficial to one another, although not dependent on the other for efficacy.