How Long Does It Take to Walk Off a Bag of Chips?

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Checking Your Bag's Calories

Eating a bag of chips might help quell your growling stomach, but these high-calorie treats will expand your midsection if you're not careful. Working can help you burn off the extra calories from chips. When walking to negate the calories from a bag of chips, the length and pace of your walk, coupled with the size and type of the bag of chips, are important variables.

Each type of chip has a different number of calories -- in general, though, potato and corn chips have a high caloric content. Typical salted potato chips contain about 155 calories per ounce. White corn chips, meanwhile, contain about 138 calories per ounce. For each type of chip, a 2-ounce, single-serving bag is common to find in the supermarket, gas stations and convenience stores. As such, a single-serving bag of salted potato chips contains about 310 calories, while the same size bag of white corn chips contains about 276 calories.

Walking Off the Chips

People who are heavier burn calories quicker than those who are lighter. A 140-pound person who walks at 3 mph for 65 minutes will burn 300 calories, according to the HealthStatus calorie calculator. As such, this person would walk off the bag of corn chips but need to walk for a few more minutes to walk off the potato chips. A 180-pound person, meanwhile, will burn 326 calories in 55 minutes of walking at 3 mph -- more than enough to walk off either bag of chips.

Increasing Your Speed

Not everyone has close to an hour of spare time to walk off the calories from a single bag of chips. If you're pressed for time, increase your walking pace to burn calories faster. A 140-pound person who walks at 4 mph will need just 55 minutes to burn 300 calories, while someone who weighs 180 pounds can burn 315 calories in 45 minutes.

Other Exercises to Consider

Walking burns calories at a slower rate than many other cardio exercises. If you don't have enough time to walk off the calories from the bag of chips but are determined to get some exercise on days you eat poorly, turn to activities like jogging, swimming or cycling. Each exercise burns calories quickly. For example, a 140-pound person needs just 30 minutes of running at 6 mph to burn 319 calories, while a 180-pound person can burn 316 calories in 20 minutes of running at 6 mph.