Nutritional Facts for Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings nutrition facts vary depending on whether you order them at a restaurant or prepare them yourself. They are typically a good source of protein but are high in fat. Make them yourself if you're trying to maintain a healthy diet so that you can choose the sauce ingredients.


Buffalo wings can be boneless or traditional style. They are served with various types of sauces, such as hot, medium, mild, garlic or honey flavored. Some people dip buffalo wings in blue cheese or ranch dressing. Nutritional facts will vary depending on the type of wing and sauce.


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A regular wing typically has from 40 to 90 calories. A restaurant-size order with blue cheese dressing could have more than 1200 calories, according to "The Seattle Times." The more breading on a wing, the more calories it has. Certain types of sauces, such as those that include butter, also add calories. Skip the blue cheese dressing to reduce calories.


According to, 5 homemade wings may contain 51 g of fat, 18 of which are saturated. A serving may also contain 219 mg of cholesterol, 455 mg of potassium, 53 mg of magnesium, 25 g of carbohydrate, 1 g of fiber and 48 g of protein.