Movie Theater Nachos Nutrition Information

Heading to the movie theater can provide fun and entertainment, but some of the food choices can add a significant amount of calories to your diet. Some of the most popular food choices served at movie theaters include soft drinks, buttered popcorn, nachos and candy. All of these choices contain a large amount of calories and nutritional information, including the movie theater nachos.


Nachos can be made from a variety of ingredients, but most movie theater nachos contain only nachos and cheese. One serving of nachos will typically contain about 40 chips and 4 oz. of melted cheese.


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In one serving, the nachos will contain approximately 1,101 calories. That number of total calories is equivalent to eating two large orders of McDonald's french fries or two Quarter Pounders with cheese. The calories are mainly distributed between fat and carbohydrates.


The fat contained in movie theater nachos comes primarily from the cheese. One serving of the nachos will contain about 59 g of fat, with 18.5 g of saturated fat. The recommended daily value for total fat is 65 g and 20 g of saturated fat. This means that movie theater nachos contribute about 91 percent of your recommend daily value of total fat and 92 percent of saturated fat.


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The carbohydrates found in the nachos come from the nacho chips. One serving of the nachos will contain about 131.5 g of total carbohydrates. The recommended daily value for carbohydrates is 300 g. The 131.5 g in the nachos accounts for approximately 44 percent of the recommended daily value.


With the significant amount of calories, fat and carbohydrates found in movie theater nachos, consider alternative food choices. Before heading to the movie theater, eat a balanced meal at home or split the nachos between your group of friends.