Dining at the Costco Food Court: Nutritional Values

Lunch or a snack at the Costco food court may be easy on your wallet, but it will not be easy on your diet. If you are choosey, you can find items that are low or no-fat, but check the calorie count, as carbohydrates and protein still add up at the end of the day. Ask for a complete nutrition listing at any Costco food court, or read it online.


The chicken bake is the heaviest entrée at the Costco food court, according to the Costco nutrition listing. It contains 770 calories, about a third of which is fat. In a close second place, the chicken Caesar salad, including dressing, contains 670 calories with 360 coming from fat. One slice of Costco pizza ranges from 620 to 700 calories, depending on your topping choice. Of those calories, 220 to 260 come from fat. One slice of the cheese pizza will cost you 70 percent of your recommended daily limit for saturated fat. Order the Kirkland hot dog and it will cost you 570 calories, 300 of which come from fat. The Kirkland dog will also cost you 60 percent of your daily limit for sat-fat.


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The ice cream bar is the heaviest among the Costco desserts. It contains 870 calories and 65 g of fat. At 28 g of saturated fat, it weighs in at 140 percent of your USDA recommended daily limit for sat-fat. The yogurt berry sundae contains 410 calories with 14 g of protein and 87 g of carbs. The plain frozen yogurt cup contains 390 calories with 82 g of carbs. The cinnamon churro weighs in at 470 calories, almost half coming from fat.


The hot latte is the lightest beverage in calories at 190, with about a quarter of those calories coming from fat. Order a latte freeze, and you will add 50 calories. Make it a mocha, and the calorie count jumps considerably. A hot mocha is 310 calories with 80 from fat. A mocha freeze is 320 calories with 70 coming from fat.


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One of the lowest calorie items available at the Costco food court has no fat at all. The strawberry-banana smoothie contains 300 calories, all of which come from carbohydrates.