The Instructions for a Walking Advantage Pedometer

By Roseanne Omalacy

The Sportline company manufactures fitness and sports gear, including the popular Walking Advantage line of pedometers. Sportline offers many different features as part of their Walking Advantage line of pedometers, but you must follow important instructions before using your Walking Advantage pedometer to reach your fitness goals. The Mayo Clinic reports that pedometers help you keep track of fitness goals by counting your steps, measuring distance walked and calculating the amount of calories burned during a workout.

Step 1

Peel the clear plastic covering from the LCD display on the front of the pedometer. This protective covering protects the LCD display from being damaged before use. Carefully peel away the plastic covering without scratching the lens’s surface.

Step 2

Remove the battery-protector tab located on the back of the Walking Advantage pedometer. Pull the small tab out slowly so you do not accidentally dislodge the battery inside. This tab keeps the battery from making contact with the pedometer until you are ready to pull the tab and activate the pedometer for use. It keeps the battery from being discharged between manufacture and first use.

Step 3

Decide which mode you want the Walking Advantage pedometer to operate in. Push “Mode” to choose between Step Mode and Distance Mode. Step Mode shows you how many steps you have taken before reaching a set goal, and Distance Mode shows the distance you have walked in miles or kilometers.

Step 4

Set the Distance Mode on your pedometer to calculate in miles or kilometers. To check what Distance Mode your pedometer is preset to, press “Mode” and release the button quickly. If the factory setting does not match your preference, press “Mode” until the LCD screen displays your desired setting, then press and hold the “Mode” button for 5 seconds to store the desired setting in the memory.

Step 5

Calculate your stride length by walking 10 steps and measuring the distance you walked from heel-to-heel or toe-to-toe. Divide the distance by 10 to calculate your stride length. The length of your stride while walking is different than your stride length when running, so measure your stride length accordingly.

Step 6

Press “Mode” until you reach the Distance Mode display, then press “Set” to access data settings. Every time you press “Reset,” the number display increases one inch, so press “Reset” until the correct stride length shows on the LCD display. Release the “Reset” button to save your preferred stride length to memory.

Step 7

Clip the Walking Advantage pedometer on in the right location. Clip the pedometer to your waistband or as close as possible to the center crease in your pants. The pedometer must always be horizontal and parallel to the ground for it to function properly.

Step 8

Press “Reset” for one second to activate the Walking Advantage pedometer. This will turn the unit on and reset all time and distance settings to zero. When you begin exercising and the pedometer moves up and down, the unit will begin calculating your steps and distance.

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