How to Make Meal Replacement Shakes From GNC

GNC meal replacement shakes come in a variety of flavors, and act as a low-calorie meal substitute for those trying to lose weight. In the GNC Meal Replacement Plan, you should drink two meal replacement shakes in lieu of regular meals, while still choosing healthful snacks twice a day and eating a healthy, well-balanced dinner. The aim of the plan is to limit your caloric intake, while still offering your body the nutrients and nourishment that it needs to function.

Choose the flavor of meal replacement shake that you prefer. Users on mostly chose the vanilla bean flavor, praising its flavor and the ability to mix with other flavors. GNC Lean Shake meal replacement shake also comes in chocolate.

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Place two scoops of the meal replacement shake powder into a glass or large cup. Pour in eight ounces of water and cover to shake or stir with a spoon. Consume twice per day in place of your regular meals.

Try adding other flavors and foods to the shake to make it a more substantial meal, remembering that this will alter the calories in the shake. According to the GNC website, a Lean Shake contains 160 calories. Adding fruit or milk will add to the calorie count, but will still keep the meal replacement shake a low-calorie alternative to solid meals.

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Mix with ice rather than water for a more frothy, milkshake-type replacement. Add fruit such as a handful of berries or peaches for a fruit smoothie with around 50 extra calories. Or mix with skim milk for a higher-calorie, more filling-shake.

Mix extra ingredients into the shake by blending in a blender. This will allow the other ingredients to become properly mixed into the shake.