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How to Calculate Golf Swing Weights

By Sarka-Jonae Miller

The swing weight of a golf club is how much it resists being swung. It is a measurement of the club's moment of inertia at a particular point (see Resources). The two most important factors that contribute to a golf club's swing weight is the length of the club's shaft and the mass of the club's head. For the most accurate swing, you should select clubs with swing weights that match the speed of your swing. To calculate the swing weight of your club, you can either use the online calculator below or consult the swing weight charts.

How to Determine Swing Weight

Measure the length of the shaft.

Determine the weight of the club head in grams.

Find the appropriate chart based on the weight of the club's shaft (example 55 grams) (see Resources). Using the chart, find the length of your club in the left-hand column and run your finger along the row to the right until you match it up with the weight of the club head (in grams). The letter and number combination in the top row above that point is your swing weight (example "D3").

How to Calculate Swing Weight With an Online Calculator

Measure the length of the club from the balance point to the grip end. To find the balance point, you can put the golf club on a piece of angle bar and move it around until it can balance on the bar and be parallel to the floor. Enter this number into box 1.

Enter the club's weight in box 2.

Hit the "calculate" button.

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