How to Tighten Flabby Underarm Skin By Weight Lifting

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It is very common to have sagging skin located around the underarm, otherwise known as the triceps . If this muscle is not exercised, it lowers its tone and begins to sag. In addition, fat can also circulate in this area, making the sagging skin more noticeable. The best way to remedy this situation is through a strength training regimen. This type of training replaces fat with lean muscle, in addition to strengthening the muscle and accelerating your metabolism.

Tricep Lift

Take the hand weight or medicine ball with both hands.

Hold it behind your head so your elbows are bent and adjacent to your temples.

Lift the weight slowly until your arms are straight and the weight is directly above your head.

Lower the weight slowly until you reach the original position.

Repeat the movement for 20 reps.

Tricep Body Lift

Place a chair or high platform behind you and face in the other direction.

Lower your body and lean against it so only your hands and feet are supporting your body.

Lower your body slightly so you feel the contractions throughout your triceps.

Lift your body using the strength from your triceps so your hips are adjacent to the chair or platform.

Repeat the movement for 10 reps.

Tricep Pumps

Stand straight with a hand weight in your left hand, adjacent to your hip.

Lift the weight behind you with your palm facing up and your arm straight.

Lower the weight slowly feeling the contraction throughout the movement.

Repeat the movement for 20 reps on each arm.


When you have completed the circuit, stretch and then repeat the entire sequence. To challenge yourself, increase the weight which you are lifting. In addition, do each movement slowly. Slow strength training not only aids in the form and control in which you are exercising, but also prolongs the contractions, thus building more strength in the muscles.


Consult your physician prior to partaking in any strength training regimen. It is important to stretch before and after each workout to avoid any strains or injuries. In addition, be sure to drink water throughout the day to remain hydrated and energized.