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How to Set the Weights for a R7 460 Driver

By Cecilia Harsch

Some TaylorMade drivers are designed with their proprietary movable weight technology, allowing you to adjust the weight placement quickly depending on the trajectory of your golf ball as it comes off the driver. The TaylorMade T7 460 driver is designed with three of these cavities and comes with two single gram weights and one 16 g weight to help remove the flaws from your swing. Set the weights on your R7 460 driver for your swing today and change it for your swing tomorrow.

Move the 16 g weight to the toe weight cavity of the R7 460 driver with the TaylorMade torx wrench and place the two single gram weights in the center and heel cavities. This weight placement helps in correcting a hook in the trajectory of your drive.

Place the 16 g weight to the heel weight cavity of the driver and move the two single gram weights to the center and toe cavities. This weight placement combination helps correct a slice in the trajectory of your drive.

Adjust the weight placement on the driver when you have neither a slice nor a hook in the trajectory of your drive by placing the 16 g weight in the center weight cavity and the two single gram weights in the toe and heel.


You can use a T25 torx head screwdriver to adjust the weights but obtain a TaylorMade torx wrench from an authorized dealer so you do not damage the weight cavities or the threads on the weights.

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