The Official Weight of Bocce Balls

Bocce is a sport enjoyed worldwide. Its object to land the larger Bocce balls as close to a smaller, primary ball as possible. The weight of the Bocce ball is a key element in the game, as each player must account for its weight as a potential game-winning throw is attempted. For each style of Bocce, there are different weights for the balls in play.

Types Of Bocce

There are three main categories of Bocce. Volo is the oldest style of Bocce, according to the United States Bocce Federation, or USBF 2. A more modern style is called Raffa. Both Volo and Raffa are officially sanctioned for international competition. A third, less-sanctioned style is called Open Rules. This recreational style is only sanctioned by the USBF.

"Volo" Bocce Ball

The Volo Bocce ball is traditionally made of bronze and weighs between 900 and 1,100 grams, or 1.98 to 2.65 lbs, according to the Italian American Club of Boise. The Volo ball has a diameter of 3.5 to 3.9 inches.

"Raffa" Bocce Ball

The official international weight of a Raffa Bocce ball is 2 lbs., or 920 g, according to the Bocce Standards Association 1. Raffa balls are made of plastic and have a diameter of 4.2 inches.

"Open Rules" Bocce Ball

The Open Rules ball is the same as the Raffa ball, weighing 2 lbs., or 920 g, and made of plastic.

Pallino Ball

The Pallino ball is the target ball thrown at the beginning of a Bocce match. The Bocce ball thrown closest to the Pallino ball is declared the winner. There is no specified weight for this smaller ball in Volo Bocce, according to the Bocce Standards Association, but the USBF lists the weight as 60 g for Raffa and Open Rules play 1.