How Many Calories are Used During a Bosu Ball Workout?

Fact Checked

The Bosu ball is a brand name type of exercise ball designed to encourage balance and stability while working out. The number of calories you will burn while using a Bosu ball depends on your weight and the duration of the activity.


A Bosu ball, which is shaped like a half ball, is very versatile. You’re able to do an intense cardio workout on a Bosu ball, as well as a low-impact workout to tone specific muscles groups, such as your core and abdominal muscles.

MET Value

Doing light or moderate conditioning exercises on a Bosu ball has a MET value of 3.5. If you’re using the ball along with some aerobic movements and light weights, the MET value is 8.0.


MET is a number that represents the energy used while doing an activity. To estimate calories burned while working out with the Bosu ball, use this formula: (METs x 3.5 x weight in kg) / (200) X duration in minutes). Calculate your weight in kilograms by dividing your weight in pounds by 2.2. For example, a person's weight of 135 lbs. converts to 61 kg.

Calories Burned

A 135-lb. person will burn 75 calories during a moderate 20-minute workout using a Bosu ball. You can burn 256 calories during a 30-minute workout while doing aerobic movements using light weights with a Bosu ball.