Calories Burned With Power Sculpt

Power Sculpt is an exercise routine developed and marketed by personal trainer Paul Frediani. The one-hour programs use motions from yoga and Pilates to target core muscles and promote weight loss in a progressive 12-week program.

Basic Calories

Health resource website HealthStatus reports calories burned by various exercises. According to HealthStatus, Pilates and yoga-based program like Power Sculpt burn between 260 and 450 calories per hour, depending on your intensity level.

Body Weight

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Your body weight plays a role in how many calories an activity burns. The above information applies if you weigh 155 lb. If you weigh 200 lb. and you're doing the same workout you will burn between 330 and 580 calories. And if you weigh 120 lb. you will burn 200 to 350 calories, reports HealthStatus.


You will gain muscle as you work the Power Sculpt program. According to Harvard health writer Walter Willett, bodies with more muscle burn more calories in all activities. This means the more times you do a Power Sculpt workout, the more calories you will burn with each subsequent session.