How Many Calories Do I Burn Doing Barry's Bootcamp?

Barry's Bootcamp is a copyrighted group fitness program created by personal trainer Barry Jay. At the time of publication, locations offering Barry's Bootcamp are limited to California and New York City. The program consists of a team-training environment where participants perform exercises intended to burn fat and build muscle.

Barry's Bootcamp Basics

According to their home page, a Barry's Bootcamp workout lasts for one hour, roughly divided between interval cardiovascular training and strength training using free weights and other fitness equipment. The program also provides a rotation throughout the week, working two muscle groups each week day and providing full-body sessions on weekends.

Calories Burned

Health resource website provides calorie burn statistics for a variety of activities. Although it doesn't break down data by brand name, it does provide information for the sprint cardio inherent in an interval workout and for the vigorous weight training of the second half of a Barry's Boot Camp session. According to HealthStatus, a 170-lb 2. person can expect to burn about 1,000 calories in one hour of this workout routine.

Body Weight

How much weight you carry with you effects how many calories you burn in any given workout. If you have trouble envisioning why this is so, imagine doing your regular run while wearing a 200-lb backpack. A 200-lb person will burn about 1,300 calories in the same workout, while a 110-pound person will burn closer to 700.

Other Variables

Your exact burn from a Barry's Bootcamp workout -- or any other routine -- will vary from session to session and from day to day. Such variables as the air temperature, what you're wearing, your hydration level and when you last ate will all affect how many calories you burn. Further, the strength-training aspects of Barry's Bootcamp will increase your level of lean muscle mass. The more muscular a body is, the more calories it will burn in all activities -- even while resting or watching television.