How to Use TaylorMade r7 Limited Driver Weights

If you’re a typical golfer, you’re constantly alert for potential swing changes to gain a bit more distance or to hit the ball straighter. Alternatively, you can sometimes leave your swing alone and tweak your equipment to improve your game. That’s the theory behind adjustable-weight drivers, such as the TaylorMade r7 Limited 1. The club comes with three movable weights -- a 16-gram tungsten weight and two 1-gram aluminum weights -- that you can insert and remove from the clubhead’s three weight ports by using the included torque wrench.

Place the tungsten weight in the rear port and the aluminum weights in the clubhead’s heel and toe ports to establish a fairly neutral setting. If you hit the ball perfectly straight off the tee, this setup should create a 5-yard draw as the ball travels through the air. That means the ball will curve 5 yards to the left during its flight, if you’re right-handed.

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Position the 16-gram weight in the clubhead’s heel port and the 1-gram weights in the remaining ports to turn an otherwise straight shot into a 20-yard a draw.

Move the larger weight to the toe port to produce a 15-yard fade.

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Place the larger tungsten weight in the heel port if you tend to slice the ball. The added weight slows down the clubhead’s heel -- the part closest to the shaft -- allowing the toe to move forward so you can hit the ball squarely and produce a straight shot.

Put the 16-gram weight in the toe port if you typically hook the ball.


Adjustable-weight clubs such as the r7 Limited are legal under the Rules of Golf, but you cannot move the weights during a round.