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How to Lose Weight in a Weekend

While there are no miracle diets that can help you get rid of a dozen pounds over a couple of days, it is possible to jump start your weight loss over the weekend 12. Rather than getting into an extreme 2-day diet, think of the process as the beginning of a journey. If you’re preparing for a special event, keep in mind that the first few pounds are the easiest to lose because they’re usually water weight.

Try a fast. While long-term fasts can be dangerous, doing it for a couple of days can help you detox and lose water weight. Avoid fruits, as they’re high in sugars, and instead focus on nonstarchy vegetables. If you can’t stand eating only vegetables for 2 days, consider having a light breakfast or dinner and then concentrate on produce the rest of the day.

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Eliminate all carbs and processed foods from your diet. Instead, concentrate on making lean protein (chicken, turkey and fish) the main part of each meal. Avoid dairy for the weekend, though, as dairy contains lactose, a form of sugar, and can affect your weight loss efforts. If you’re feeling lightheaded, have a single serving of carbs in the morning.

Eat at home. Restaurant food tends to be higher in calories and carbs, and it will be harder to control how much you’re eating. Before the weekend starts, stock up your fridge and cupboards with the foods you will be eating so you don’t have to go shopping and be tempted by other foods.

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Keep moving. Because you’re cutting down on carbs, you might be too weak for a strenuous workout but aim for at least 30 minutes of activity on each day, such as walking, hiking or biking. Add some resistance training as well, as working your muscles will speed up your metabolism, increasing calories burned.

Drink lots of calorie-free liquids. Water is best, but you can also have black coffee or tea, diet sodas, seltzer water and others. Liquids will help you flush out water weight and will also control hunger and cravings.