High-Protein Gelatin for Clear Liquid Diet

The foods that you can consume on a clear liquid diet often cannot provide sufficient nutrients. Because getting enough protein is especially difficult, Stanford University School of Medicine states that clear liquid diets are not safe for more than five days 1. Your health care professional might recommend that you include high-protein gelatin in order to boost your protein intake to the level required to maintain your health 23. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you have a choice between commercial and homemade high-protein gelatins that fit your nutritional needs.


Clear liquid diets reduce stress on your digestive system. Adding high-protein gelatin to clear liquid diets is a strategy that physicians and dietitians use to supplement your protein intake, while your digestive system recuperates 23. Protein-supplemented liquid diets are also common for loss of appetite and nausea for chemotherapy or lupus patients. High-protein gelatin also provides an option for renal failure patients whose diets do not provide enough protein 23.


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Manufactured high-protein gelatin has a base of flavored or plain gelatin 23. Producers increase the protein content by adding proteins such as egg whites or milk proteins. The total protein per serving depends on the brand that you buy. Commercial national brands offer high-protein gelatins that provide 12 to 20 grams of protein in 1/2-cup servings. High-protein gelatin can also provide calcium, sodium, potassium and all nine essential amino acids found in complete proteins 23. Normally, commercial high-protein gelatin has no fat 23. Based on your physician’s recommendation, you can choose between gelatin with added sugar or sugar-free varieties.

Homemade High-Protein Gelatin

Although retail versions of gelatin do not provide enough protein for clear liquid diets, you can use them as a base for homemade high-protein gelatin 23. A high-protein gelatin recipe on the DaVita renal patient education website uses one packet of unflavored gelatin and one cup of whey protein powder to create high-protein gelatin 23. It provides 6 grams of protein per 1/4-cup serving. Vegans and vegetarians who do not consume animal products can substitute agar and a plant protein such as soy protein powder to make a high-protein gelatin 23.


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Clear liquid diet diets require medical supervision 1. Follow your physician’s recommendations for using high-protein gelatin 23. A fad diet based on gelatin appears on the Internet at regular intervals. Even when supplemented with high-protein gelatin, a clear liquid diet is not a weight-loss diet 23. Each serving of high-protein gelatin contains 50 to 150 calories, depending on the ingredients 23. It also contains carbohydrates and may contain sugar.