Why Walking is Enough

By Shannon Philpott

In 2008, Pam Mumper could barely walk up a flight of stairs. She struggled to fit in a stadium seat and weighed in at 260 pounds. Three-and-a-half years later and 75 pounds lighter, she's able to walk four miles consecutively, trek up flights of stairs with ease and share a stadium seat with her daughter. For Mumper, it all began with a goal to walk one mile throughout her southern Illinois neighborhood. “I couldn’t breathe very well and I would get tired so quickly,” she says. “It was very physical for me and I couldn’t go very far -- but it did get easier with time.” What she found comes as welcome news to many people who can't quite afford the cost of a gym membership and have no ambitions of making the cover of Shape. To jump-start a journey to a healthier lifestyle, walking -- a sport that doesn't require athleticism or expensive equipment -- is enough.

The Benefits of Walking

Adopting a Walking Routine

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