How to Use Selsun Blue for Sunspots

Areas of the skin that appear lighter or darker from sun exposure are referred to as sunspots. There are two types of sunspots. Solar lentigines are sun-induced freckles caused by excessive exposure to UV light. While tinea versicolor is a fungus in which a darker person will have light skin patches, while a lighter skinned person will experience dark skin patches.Selenium sulfide, sold under the trade name Selsun Blue, may help with tinea versicolor 2.

Apply Selsun Blue to the affected area of the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes or genital area.

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Lather using small amounts of warm water.

Leave Selsun Blue on the skin for ten minutes, unless instructed otherwise by a physician.

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Thoroughly rinse the skin with warm water, paying attention to the folds of the skin, like those found in elbows or under breasts.

Wash hands properly after each use.

Repeat applications daily for two weeks, or as prescribed.


Check with a physician or dermatologist before using. Do not use on children under the age of two. Never use more than the recommended dose. Shake bottle well before using. Remove any jewelry before using.


If any signs of rash, swelling, trouble breathing or dizziness occur, seek medical help at once.