AmLactin Lotion Side Effects

AmLactin lotion is a topical medication that contains the active ingredient ammonium lactate 1. This lotion is used to treat certain types of skin conditions that cause dry, scaly skin patches to appear across the body. Patients should discuss AmLactin lotion side effects with a medical professional before using this medication 1.

Burning or Stinging

Application of AmLactin lotion to the skin may cause burning or stinging sensations at the site of treatment, Kaiser Permanente warns 12. Though these side effects of AmLactin lotion may be uncomfortable, they are temporary and progressively subside within a few minutes of treatment 1.

Dryness or Peeling

The treated skin region may appear unusually dry or irritated during treatment with AmLactin lotion, warns 1. Patients may notice the treated skin begin to flake or peel. Skin dryness may also cause sensations of itching across the treated site. Frequent scratching of dry or irritated skin should be avoided to limit the risk of developing a skin infection.

Bruising or Discoloration

The skin at the site of AmLactin lotion application may develop unusual bruising, redness or skin discoloration, RxList reports 1. The treated skin may appear darker than untreated skin; this side effect is referred to as hyperpigmentation. Patients who have concerns regarding these side effects should seek additional care from a medical professional.


Improper use of AmLactin lotion by hypersensitive patients may induce an allergic reaction 1. Signs and symptoms associated with an allergic or anaphylactic reaction include skin hives, facial or oral swelling and difficulty breathing. Patients who exhibit these side effects after using AmLactin lotion require emergency medical attention to limit the onset of additional complications 1. Due to increased risk of sunburn, protect treated areas from sun exposure.