How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around the Mouth

Having dark circles around your mouth can be unflattering. Dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation or when you have more melanin in certain areas of the skin. Several factors can cause hyperpigmentation, like exposure to the sun, skin inflammation or endocrine diseases, according to MedlinePlus 1. Fortunately there are ways to lighten dark circles around your mouth and even out your complexion.

Exfoliate daily with a mild and gentle facial scrub to lift dead skin cells and help fade dark areas around the mouth. Apply a pea-size amount of the exfoliant to a damp washcloth. Gently rub the product on your face to remove pigmented skin cells and cleanse the skin.

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Use a skin brightening cream or serum to lighten dark areas. Pat a thin layer of a moisturizing skin treatment, containing Vitamin C, kojic acid or grapeseed extract, around your mouth. According to Whole Living Magazine, these ingredients help to block the enzyme tyrosinase, which your skin cells need to produce melanin. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t use these skin-lightening products for more than three weeks.

Lighten skin naturally with lemon juice. In a small bowl, mix the juice from 1/4 lemon with 1 tablespoon of yogurt or honey to dilute the mixture. Apply to dark areas and allow the mask to dry. Gently rinse the skin clean with warm water.

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Stay out of the sun, sun lamps and tanning beds. Exposing the skin to ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage and cause areas with more melanin to appear darker. Wear sunscreen while out to protect the skin and avoid overexposure, suggests MedlinePlus.

Use liquid foundation or concealer to cover up dark circles. To cover the darkened areas completely, choose makeup colors that match your skin tone exactly. Dab the makeup on dark areas with your fingertips to even out your skin tone.


By shedding dead facial skin with an exfoliant, you allow a skin brightener’s active ingredients to penetrate the skin completely.

Keep your skin clean. Focusing on cleaning the cheeks and forehead can cause you to neglect the skin around your mouth. Make sure to clean your entire face thoroughly.


If dark circles persist, make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss possible causes of dark circles or for a prescription based treatment. Ask questions about any daily habits that may be contributing to the hyperpigmentation problem or the use of harsh skin care products.