Relief for Burned, Chapped & Swollen Lips

Whether cracked, peeling, painful, chapped or swollen, no one likes dealing with lips that are anything other than supple and smooth. Your environment and your everyday habits have a huge impact on the day-to-day condition of your pout. When your lips start looking flaky, dry or even burned, several types of treatment can offer relief, but there are also preventive steps you can take to keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

Chapped Lips

If you've been using a wax-based lip balm for chapped lips, you may want to try switching to one that's petroleum-based which offers more relief. Your lips are vulnerable to sun damage due to low amounts of melanin, so choose a balm with SPF. It should also be enhanced with antioxidants, such as cranberries, to help boost softness. Keep it on hand constantly so you won't be tempted to lick your lips, which only exacerbates dryness. Many people also lick or bite their lips for stress-induced reasons. Resist the urge and drink plenty of water to keep your lips and skin hydrated.

Burned or Swollen Lips

Scalding drinks or food fresh from the oven may burn lips, creating a painful and puffy condition. To relieve burned, swollen lips, apply a cold compress for 10 minutes at a time. Ice in a plastic bag is fine, but Allure magazine also suggests soaking a clean towel in cold milk and pressing it lightly to your lips to ease swelling. If a bad spill or burn caused any blisters on or around your lips resist the urge to pop them. Instead, apply a soothing triple antibiotic ointment twice a day.