How to Treat a Lip Burn From a Hot Pepper

The capsaicin from chili peppers can help alleviate your migraine headache, relive sinus congestion, fight prostate cancer, burn fat and lower blood pressure, according to studies compiled by the website ChiliPepperMadness 1. In addition, peppers are high in vitamin A and important antioxidants. But even if you are eating chili peppers because you enjoy their bright, spicy flavor, getting a pepper burn on your lip is still a painful experience--one you’ll want to remedy as soon as possible.

Wash the burn with dish soap if the pepper juice is on the external portions of your lips. Dish soap is formulated to dissolve oils from food. Remove the soap gently with a clean, wet cloth. Do not let the soap or water run to other parts of your face.

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Dab rubbing alcohol on your lip. Soak a cotton ball or corner of a washcloth in rubbing alcohol and apply it to your burn. This will dissolve and remove the oils of the hot pepper. Wipe off the alcohol carefully with cool water and a cloth.

Saturate a cotton ball or cloth in milk or yogurt. Hold it on your lip until the burning subsides. Use a fresh cotton ball if you need to reapply milk.


Prevent chili pepper burns on your hands by wearing household rubber gloves when you chop or handle them.


Use caution when rinsing soap or alcohol from a capsaicin burn. Water can spread the oil to other areas.

Do not swallow dish soap or rubbing alcohol.

Do not use dish soap or rubbing alcohol to soothe a chili pepper burn that is inside your mouth.