How to Heal Sun Poisoning on Your Lips

Sun poisoning of the lips is a painful result of overexposure to the sun, similar to sunburned skin that occurs on other parts of the body 3. Since the lips are constantly being used for eating and talking, sun poisoning of the lips can be an extremely uncomfortable condition. The symptoms of sun poisoning of the lips include inflammation, redness, swelling, itching, soreness and blistering.

See a doctor if your sun-poisoned lips have large blisters that are pus-filled or watery. The blisters can range in size, depending on how serious your sun poisoning is. Severe sun poisoning of the lips requires immediate medical care to prevent infection.

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Clean your sun-poisoned lips frequently, and apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to promote healing and lessen the chances of infection 1. Avoid wearing lipstick or lip balms that contain potentially irritating chemicals and perfumes until your lips have fully healed.

Apply topical creams and gels that are soothing for sun poisoned lips, and assist in healing the damaged skin. Look for lotions that contain the burn-relieving ingredient, aloe vera, which will help eliminate the sting that comes with sun poisoning. Over-the-counter cortisone creams are also effective in reducing inflammation, swelling and relieving pain.

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Use milk to lessen the discomfort of sun-poisoned lips. Dip a cotton ball or gauze in a bowl of milk and press it against your sun poisoned lip for a few minutes to ease discomfort.

Make a healing salve for your sun poisoned lips by mixing clarified butter and turmeric powder. Both have potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. To increase the concoction's healing power, add neem leaves to a blender until they become a smooth paste, and add them to the mixture. Neem leaves are a natural disinfectant.


Always use a lip balm that has a SPF of 30 or more to protect your lips while outdoors.

Aspirin can help reduce swelling, soreness and inflammation of sun poisoned lips.


See a doctor if you're also experiencing symptoms such as headache, fever, dizziness or nausea, since those are indicators that you might be suffering from a more severe form of sun poisoning and require medical treatment.