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How to Paint an Ezgo Roof

By Tricia Chaves

You can paint your Ezgo golf cart roof to cover a blemish, change the color to suit your taste, or add some flair to your roof. Using a product line available at many auto supply retailers, you can prep and paint your rooftop yourself. The flexible but durable paint will withstand the elements, as well as any small bumps along the way from things like tree branches or falling golf balls.

Choose your ColorCoat color and purchsae the other items you will need to complete your product. You can find a retailer of SEM products by visiting the resource provided.

Unscrew the bolts securing the roof using a wrench to remove it from the golf cart for prep and painting. Secure the hardware in a Ziploc bag or storage container to ensure you don't lose anything.

Put on the protective goggles, mask and gloves before you start your work. Wet the gray scuff pad slightly and put some of the 39362 cleaning product on it. Completely scrub the surface of your Ezgo roof until you have achieved a dull finish. Rinse the cleaning product from the roof with water. If there are still dirty spots on your roof, you will see beads of water where re-cleaning is necessary. Repeat the cleaning process as needed until totally clean. Allow the roof to dry completely.

Spray the entire surface of the roof with the 3853 Plastic/Leather Prep and gently wipe with a clean cloth, continuously wiping in the same direction.

Spray the entire surface of the roof with the 3836 Sand Free with a medium wet coat. This will help the paint adhere better to your rooftop. Immediately follow with the first light coat of the ColorCoat before the Sand Free dries. Repeat with light even coats of ColorCoat until you have achieved your desired color.

Re-attach your rooftop once the paint has dried thoroughly.

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