NordicTrack Walkfit 5000 Instructions

By Michael Wallace

The NordicTrack Walkfit 5000 is a smaller treadmill which can fold up in order to save space. This makes the treadmill convenient for home use. The treadmill also comes with a center console that contains the controls. The good news is that you can get the hang of how to use the treadmill in a matter of minutes.

Place your Walkfit in an area of your home free of any clutter or other furniture.

Lift the arm supports up until they are vertical and fully extended. They will lock in place when they are fully extended.

Insert your plastic key card into the slot at the front of the Walkfit control terminal. This terminal is located between both of the arm supports.

Press the "Power" button on the control terminal to start the unit.

Use the controls on the terminal to set the rate at which you would like the terminal to operate and begin. If the card is removed during your workout, the Walkfit will automatically shut down.

Turn off the unit when finished and press the locking mechanism at the base of each arm support in and lower the supports so they are perpendicular with the treadmill. You can now easily store the treadmill.

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