How to Make a Nebulizer Cup

Nebulizers increase the ability of bronchidilators to penetrate deep in the lungs in the event of a severe asthma attack. These spacers allow the medicine to slow down and reach the lungs as opposed to getting stuck on the tongue or back of the throat due to improper technique most common in children.

Take an empty soft drink bottle and wash it out. Rinse with a little alcohol throughout to kill any bacteria that may linger. Allow it to dry thoroughly letting alcohol evaporate completely. Rinse the cutting edge with alcohol as well.

Cut the bottle in half. Discard the lower half.

Place gauze or cotton along the cut edges and tape it down to prevent abrasions or cuts during use.

Attach the bottle opening to the dispensing tube of the nebulizer.

Secure the cup to the tube with tape to prevent any loss of medicine and incorrect dosage.


Studies have shown that a homemade nebulizer cup is as effective as a medially prescribed set-ups in countries where access to U.S. models are unavailable (see Resources).


Always use medicine as recommended by your doctor.