How to Use Alkalol

Since 1896, the Alkalol Company, a Boston-based organization, has made a natural wash that can be used to relieve many of the symptoms of the common cold. Alkalol is a saline solution that contains herbal antiseptics, such as peppermint oil, menthol and eucalyptol. The solution can break down nasal discharge, making it easier to breathe, and soothe a sore throat. Using it correctly and responsibly can help people with allergies or viral illnesses feel better without the use of conventional medications.

Alkalol As a Mouthwash

Measure out 3 to 4 tsp. of the liquid into a cup or glass to use Alkalol as a mouthwash. The active ingredients' antibacterial properties can help relieve a sore throat or canker sores.

Swish the Alkalol in your mouth or gargle with it for at least 30 seconds as you would a normal mouthwash.

Repeat as often as needed; there is no limit to how often you can safely use Alkalol.

Nasal Irrigation with Alkalol

Dilute Alkalol before using the product for nasal irrigation purposes. Mix equal parts Alkalol and warm water. Nasal saline solution can be substituted for water if desired. Pour the Alkalol mixture into the bowl portion of a nasal cup or into a bulb syringe.

Tilt you head forward, open your mouth (you will need to breathe through your mouth during nasal irrigation) and insert the bulb syringe or nasal cup nozzle into one nostril.

Hold your breath, letting the Alkalol fluid flow into the nostril, and then let it gently flow back out. Perform the nasal irrigation over a sink to catch any liquid that spills from the irrigation equipment or your nose.

Blow your nose gently after irrigating both nostrils with Alkalol. Repeat the irrigation process as needed.

Skincare with Alkalol

Saturate a clean cotton ball or pad with Alkalol and squeeze out excess liquid.

Dab the Alkalol on area of skin that may be irritated from burns, insect bites or other sources.

Check with a doctor before using the solution on open wounds or sores.