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How to Use Peroxide in My Waterpik

If you have sensitive gums that bleed and are often inflamed or red, Merck explains that these are the symptoms of a common condition known as gingivitis 1. Care of gingivitis includes rinsing the gums daily with a solution that kills the bacteria responsible for the condition 1. If you have a Waterpik, a dilution of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide can rinse away debris and harmful bacteria residing on your gums and teeth 3.

Hold your Waterpik in the upright position. Lift the lid to your Waterpik’s reservoir, which is located just behind the base of the jet tip.

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Fill the reservoir half full with lukewarm water. Fill the remaining half of the reservoir with 3-percent hydrogen peroxide 3.

Snap the lid to the reservoir closed. Direct the jet tip toward your teeth and press the “On” button on the front of the Waterpik.

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Spray the gums in between each of your teeth for approximately 5 seconds per tooth, using the 1:1 ratio of water and 3-percent hydrogen peroxide 3.

Power the Waterpik unit “Off” after use 2. Empty the reservoir, rinsing it with clean water afterward. Repeat the process daily.


Even if you do not have gingivitis, diluting hydrogen peroxide in your Waterpik can help keep your gums healthy and infection free.


Discontinue use if spraying with the diluted hydrogen peroxide causes painful or irritated gums.